Hope and Change? No. Despair and Agony.

Momentum…..it is ‘a changin’.  Recent articles (read: pleas for donations) show the apparent fragility of Obama’s re-election chances. Whether or not this is a ploy by Obama’s camp to try to coax campaign dollars from former voters remains to be seen. I assume it is.

Now, I’ve heard and seen that Republicans say that if this election is about the economy, there is no way Obama can win. Considering the track record he has, this probably isn’t a stretch.  If Obama had his way, he would have some throwback, 70’s super-gay song as his re-election theme song, but it’s probably too old for people who watch “The Jersey Shore.” Why the fuck did I capitalize that? What the fuck is wrong with me? Is this over-indulged societal sickness infecting me, too?  Well, nevermind that.

What matters here is numbers. I’m not going to pretend to be some fucking accounting major from Northern Georgia University. Is there such a thing? I don’t fucking know.

The point is, one year ago, Obama was “invincible.” Is he now, I wonder? Ask the people how their “hope and change” is going.  Doubt the answer is the same as it was in 2008.

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